Tiffany stained glass
"Light and color through glass"

We will talk about the history of stained glass creation (Europe, Asia, Russia).

Let's talk about how the stained glass technique developed and changed. We will learn how to prepare glass for a stained-glass window, make edging with copper foil.

Let's add our own stained glass fragments.

We will learn how to solder (soldering iron, tin, flux) and, at the final stage, apply patina to the stained glass window.

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The appearance of the first stained glass windows.

In history, the appearance of the stained glass window is not marked by an exact date. But it is known that in the Christian era, they first began to use colored glass for making simple pictures. It was fixed on boards with putty or decorated with windows. And with the appearance of the first temples, Byzantine stained-glass windows were developed. Laudatory verses and descriptions of glass compositions were popular with poets of the fourth to fifth century.


The most famous stained glass windows, made in the classical Gothic style, are found in the Cathedral in Chartres. It is in it that it is easy to trace the harmony between the majestic windows, gloomy architecture and the interior concept of the room. The flow of a large number of rays into the darkness and gloom gives a stunning and mesmerizing effect - this is the beauty of Gothic.


Lewis Tiffany became the founder of his own style and technique of creating stained glass, which became popular around the world. He worked for a very long time on the selection of materials, and most importantly, on the methods of fixing the glass, since medieval methods did not suit him at all. What happened as a result of these labors completely overshadowed the soldered stained glass window. So how does this technique differ from others and why Tiffany stained glass windows are considered one of the most prestigious in history, let us consider in more detail.


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