Personal exhibition of Olga Rezanova

"White and others"


Art-space PAPER, "Red October"
September 26 - October 6, 2014
Address: Moscow, metro Kropotkinskaya, Bersenevsky per., 2/1, "Red October"

Sometimes you need a bunch of shapes, colors, textures to express / splash out a lot. Sometimes we do not need anything for this - one glance can tell a whole life. What does the narrative language depend on and which tools are the most accurate and concise?

Olga Rezanova is a talented colorist, the primacy of color is read both in paintings and in art objects made of glass and ceramics. This time, her preference is given to white, OTHER colors as its derivatives, its additions. Soft abstract geometry, flowing from one canvas to another, was chosen as the form of the story. The depicted objects have faded into the background, they are slightly distorted, a little unreal, they are a frame for playing with color.