Exhibition "The Banners of War" - to the 70th anniversary of the Victory

“Here are collected works, both sculptural and pictorial, by authors of different generations. It turned out to be a relay race of passing the true memory of the war from generation to generation ”, - comments the curator Olga Rezanova.

Интервью Телеканалу Культура 

The Banners of War exhibition was held in the gallery of the Royal Tower of the Kazan Station in Moscow. The works of artists of different generations were presented - participants in hostilities, eyewitnesses who worked in the post-war years, young, modern authors.


View of the exposition in the Tsarskaya Tower of the Kazan Station.

An active role in the sound of the exhibition is played by copies of the battle banners of military units of the Great Patriotic War - these red panels, by their presence, determine the color scale of the exhibition, its triumphant character.

Among the authors of the exhibition, and there are more than 70 of them: B.M. Nemensky - 24 Berlin sketches of 1945, works by A.I. Pozdnyakov, also made in Berlin in May 1945, graphic sheets by Viktor and Vladimir Tsigal - portraits of the war years (drawings 1944 year), works made by artists, participants and eyewitnesses of the war such as: Valentin Mikhailovich Sidorov (born in 1928), Ivan Vasilievich Sorokin (1922-2004) painting and graphics, war veteran Afanasy Evstafievich Sukhinin (1923 - 2011), several post-war works brothers Tkachev A.P. and S.P., graphic sheets of Balsamov Sergei Parmenovich (1906-1983), sculptural compositions Tsigal Vladimir Efimovich, Evgeny Vuchetich.
A monumental work by D.A. Belyukin, who captured a majestic spectacle - the banners of the defeated army of the Third Reich thrown at the foot of the Mausoleum during the 1945 Victory Parade.
Also, archival photographs, things, documents, copies of military banners of military units during the Great Patriotic War!

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