International competition of contemporary visual arts ArtPreview, successfully launched in March 2010. Its creator and leader Olga Rezanova. For 5 years about 3 thousand artists and photographers from Russia and 12 foreign countries - Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico, Canada, etc. took part in the competition.
About 50 artistic inserts were carried out at various venues in Moscow. The finalists' inserts took place at the Russian Academy of Arts, the Vernadsky Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in private galleries. Five finalists' catalogs have been published. More than a hundred artists have received various awards from the organizers and partners of the project.

It is safe to say that this project has returned interest in the visual arts. The project helped to establish professional contacts, discover new names, attract the attention of the general public and the media, gave an opportunity for artists from different regions to declare themselves in front of a professional audience, to participate in exhibition programs, which is so necessary for creative growth.

What was ArtPreview 2010 like?

The competition was attended by about 900 artists from all over our country in two nominations - painting and photo / digital graphics. The final exhibition took place in the KINO gallery.

An authoritative jury in the world of contemporary art worked: art critic, head of the scientific department of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art Andrei Tolstoy; photographer Vladimir Klavikho-Telepnev; art critic, head of the Kino gallery Elena Yureneva; President of the Samolet Design Studio Vladimir Semenikhin; photojournalist of ITAR-TASS Viktor Velikzhanin; artist, curator of the program "Art House in a Short Meter" Tatiana Danilyants.

Ten art exhibitions were held at Moscow venues, a catalog of the finalists' works was published, and cash prizes and special awards from the organizers of ArtPreview and project partners were awarded. The competition opened many new names, gallery owners, art critics, curators became interested in them, and the discussion of the artists' work went on vigorously on-line.


Three nominations: painting, graphics, photography.

The final exhibition was held in the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts in the Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery, Moscow, November 2011. The artists received awards from the organizers of the competition, the Union of Artists of Russia, from three private galleries in the form of personal inserts, from magazines published in Russia and Germany. ArtPreview partners have confirmed their continued interest.
Olga Rezanova was awarded a Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts for organizing this project.

The ArtPreview competition is aimed at involving a wide range of artists from different regions and different artistic trends of contemporary visual art in exhibition activities. Thanks to him, the works of talented, but little-known masters become the property of society. On one site, luminaries and beginners professionally collide. And if the former are enriched with fresh themes and relevant technologies, the latter, in an informal setting, get acquainted with the origins and roots of the visual tradition, receiving advice and authoritative recommendations for creativity. We have no doubt that a qualitative leap will follow immediately!

Our partners: Tretyakov Gallery magazine, Russian Art magazine, Channel 1 VG, Adobe company, KINO gallery, PHOTOLOFT gallery, Les Oreades gallery, Ostwind magazine (Germany), International Academy of Photography, Softkey company, House of Creativity Romanovo, Art Club 21, Radio CITY FM, Design School Le METRE, PhotoSite, Museums of Russia, Museum of the History of the Earth, Gallery BlackDog, Gallery Asti, Art Club Roxy, House of Creativity Romanovo ", Fund" Grani ", Magazine" Golden palette ", Art salon" Private collection "and others